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New vs. Used Cars

It is only human nature to be compelled to get that great brand new car. They look so great on the road don't they? However, you have got car and auto finance, and you need to use this wisely. Did you ever think that maybe this could be best spent on a used car? The following are some good and bad aspects of both new and used cars. Hopefully this will help you make a wise decision.

New Car Advantages

The reason people get new cars are because they want to take advantage of all the up to date features. This is a great aspect. You will be at the forefront of security and automobile handling. This is a way to show that you have advanced to the future! Plus, you know what you are buying because it will be coming straight from the dealer. You will also get a great warranty. This way you know that if anything goes wrong that your car will be covered for a certain amount of time.

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New Car Disadvantages

You will be locked into a long term commitment, so if you do not want this then stay away from a new car. This comes at a high price, and you can lose 40% of the car's value the moment you drive away. This can be troubling to some people. Also, you need to stop and think about insurance. New cars are often a lot more to insure then used cars because they are bigger targets for theft and break-ins. People do not realize this because they are too caught up in getting the car.

Used Car Advantages

The overwhelming majority of people who get a used car do so because of the price. Used cars will be much cheaper then new. If you are looking into ways of saving money then this can be a big one. Also, one of the things people do not even realize is that the value of a used car will not drop as quickly as a new car. In one year your car can be worth the same amount as today. If you want to save money, then look into this option.

Used Car Disadvantages

One of the bad things about used cars is that they might not come with some sort of warranty, so you have no help if something happens. You might not even know what you can expect from your used cars either because it might have a limited owner history. You need to know the history so you can know what repairs have been made. Then finally, the used cars will be reaching higher mileage counts on the odometer. Which this will come the chance of more maintenance.

Now that you figured out whether you want a new car or a used car, go to our next page for more car buying tips.

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