Ticket Troubles

Traffic Ticket Myths

Getting a traffic ticket is something that is never fun to have happen. It is definitely not an effective part of the car and auto finance process. Nevertheless, it can happen when you least expect it. A lot of people think that they know how you can get out of a traffic ticket because there are some myths out there. You must know what these myths are because not all of them are true, and you do not want to fall victim to believing them.

Just Make Up an Excuse!

This is not a very smart myth to believe. You cannot just make up an excuse and get out of a traffic ticket. If anything your excuse will hurt you more and you can forget about any chances you had to get out of the ticket. If you want to say something then tell them the truth. Either that or say nothing. Police officers have given out hundreds of tickets and they have heard every excuse possible. Do not think that you are too creative for them because they will just shoot you down. You do not want this excuse to hurt more then help.

Car And Auto Finance

Red Cars = More Tickets

People tend to think that red cars get more tickets because they stand out more then other colors. One of the myths is that they are harder to insure, which is not always true. There have been official studies done that show red cars do not get more tickets then other colors. Yes, red is easier to spot. The reason you got the ticket, however, was probably due to the fact you did something wrong, not because the color stood out. Worry less about the color of your car getting you tickets, and start to worry more about your actual driving.

They Don't Show Up and You Win

One of the most popular myths is that if you get a ticket, contest it and the officer does not show up that you can automatically get out of the ticket. Yes, this happens on occasion, but there is no guarantee. You, by law, have the right to question whoever gave you the ticket, so that is one of the reasons the judge might let you off. You must not count on this being the result though. The judge could even reschedule so that both you and the officer have the ability to be present at the same time. Either way, you should not stroll in and be happy that the officer is not there. You could still end up having to pay the ticket after all.

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